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'Translating' Employment Relations Teaching as Engaged Scholarship - Dr. rashné limki

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Dr. rashné limki is a Lecturer in Work and Organization Studies at the University of Edinburg Business School, Scotland, UK. Dr. Limki describes herself as an engineering student (Bombay, India) turned politics major with legal aspirations (Oberlin, Ohio, USA) turned race and ethnic studies scholar (San Diego, California, USA) turned work and management researcher (London, UK).

Dr. limki's research focuses mainly on the ethics and politics of work in a global context. In particular, she studies the role of difference (primarily, race and gender) in the emergence and distribution of new forms of work. Her latest work investigates the eugenicist underpinnings of discourses on technology.

Beyond her academic commitments of teaching and research, Dr. limki has been working as a facilitator and mediator for community and activist organisations, with a particular interest in issues of housing, homelessness and migrant justice.

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In our conversation on engaged scholarship rashné discusses her education and research training in the context of race and postcolonial studies in the USA and the fascinating challenges in moving into the business school context with its specific features, for example, in the distinctive way management and organisation disciplines are elaborated and reproduced, and the particular demands of the students. rashné conceptualises her commitment in research and teaching as a process of translation. She explains what this means in her Employment Relations and Future of Work courses at the University of Edinburg.

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