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Business Ethics and Human Rights - A Conversation with Dr. Jill Millar, Oxford, UK

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dr. Jill Millar is a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. As a lawyer (solicitor) by training Jill has been using her expertise to address complex issues of human rights and responsibility in international management and beyond. Dr. Millar leads three core courses: Business in Society, Ethics in Business, and Critical Enquiry Research Project. She is also Subject Coordinator for the International Business Management Degree in Business School, assisting students on the programme, supporting the administration of the programme and contributing to programme development, drawing on her background in pedagogic research with the Aske Cluster for Management and Entrepreneurial Education. Dr. Millar's research focuses on re-thinking the practices and designs of/for management learning; lately she has investigated the PRME agenda for inclusive development in management education.

In our conversation Jill shared how she overcomes the challenges of teaching business ethics to hundreds of students with vastly diverse interests and concerns. She explains and offers examples on how she creates a space for authentic engagement and facilitates deliberations on thorny and complex issues faced by managers and employees daily.

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